About Us

Bagru Block House is an Australian owned boutique textile house founded by myself & my daughter, Sophie, after we stumbled across the captivating art of block printing during a family trip to India. After returning to Australia with as many textile treasures as our suitcases would allow, it wasn’t long before we returned to India to learn more about this age old art form & follow our curiosity for textiles & design. 
While hand-block printing is certainly not new to the modern world, we quickly learned that the desire for mass production had meant this ancient art was quickly losing it’s ties with tradition. Hand-carved blocks were now being 3D printed & the pain-staking process of hand-pressing each block onto the fabric was being replaced by screen printers - machines mimicking the imperfections of man. We were saddened to see first hand how this once thriving industry was now on the verge of extinction & it was at this moment that Bagru Block House was born. In collaboration with skilled artisans, our mission is to keep this incredible art form alive & most importantly, give back to the artisan communities.