The Block-Printing Process

The art of block printing is quite a laborious process. It all begins with the Master Block Carver selecting the perfect piece of wood in which to hand carve the designs.
Using a small chisel & hammer, patterns are painstakingly carved into the wooden block which can take anywhere from an hour for a small piece, to several weeks or even months depending on the size and detail of the image.
Once the block has been made, the right fabric must then be selected. Here at Bagru Block House we source only the best local hand-loomed linen & cotton fabrics for a premium & long lasting product. 
After the carving process, dye is applied to the wooden block surface and gently pressed by hand onto the fabric by skilled artisans with the utmost precision. If you look carefully, you will be able to see the outline of each & every block where it has met with the fabric. 
Finally, once the fabric has been printed it is hung out to dry in the sun which helps to fix the dye. This is followed by a final wash, steam & iron which further fixes the colour. 
From start to finish, this process can take anywhere between 3 - 5 months resulting in truly unique pieces to be treasured.